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We focus on natural channel form and function to drive restoration design.  This concept is stressed in our assessment and design work and generally provides the most cost-effective long-term solutions with minimal risks.  Using natural channel form and function provides the advantage of restoring biologic as well as hydrologic function of the stream channel.


StreamWise contributes to a wide array of stream restoration, habitat enhancement, or channel stabilization efforts.  Below is a partial list of projects that include our expertise in assessment, planning, data collection, project design, construction supervision, and/or monitoring.  For photographs of each project, see our project photo gallery by clicking the Project Name.

Nevada / Oregon Projects

Duckwater Reservation                           Nye County, NV                                     2010-2014

Edwards Creek                                         Churchill County, NV                            2010 -2011

Kirch Wildlife Management Area            Nye County, NV                                     2010-2014

Lockes Ranch                                            Nye County, NV                                         2012

Servier Dam Removal                               Wahoe county, NV                                    2018

Soldier Meadows                                      Humboldt County, NV                               2011

Sprague River Meander Project             Klamath County, OR                                  2006

Willow Creek Ranch                                 Lake County, OR                                    2017-2018

Click Project Name for photos of the above projects.


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