Project Involvement  -  California


We focus on natural channel form and function to drive restoration design.  This concept is stressed in our assessment and design work and generally provides the most cost-effective long-term solutions with minimal risks.  Using natural channel form and function provides the advantage of restoring biologic as well as hydrologic function of the stream channel.


StreamWise contributes to a wide array of stream restoration, habitat enhancement, or channel stabilization efforts.  Below is a partial list of projects that include our expertise in assessment, planning, data collection, project design, construction supervision, and/or monitoring.  For photographs of each project, see our project photo gallery by clicking project name.

Ash Creek Wildlife Area                           Modoc/Lassen Counties, CA            2011-2016

Bear Creek Meadow Restoration            Shasta County, CA                                 1999

Big Bear Flat Meadow Restoration         Shasta/ Siskiyou Counties, CA             2009

Dry Creek Stabilization                            Solano County, CA                                 2010

Harlow Meadow                                       Shasta County, CA                                 2011

Hat Creek at Rising River                         Shasta County, CA                            2012-2017

Lassen Creek Restoration                        Lassen County, CA                               2005

Lynch Canyon Open Space                     Solano County, CA                            2011-2016

Mapes Ranch Springs                               Lassen County, CA                               2018

Pete's Creek Restoration                         Lassen County, CA                                2013

Pit River - Shaw Ranch                             Modoc County, CA                                2006

Pleasants Creek                                        Solano County, CA                            2009-2021



Putah Creek                                              Solano County, CA                             2009-2021

     InterDam Reach Side Channels

     Winters Putah Creek Park

     Misc. Putah Ck. Projects

Rock Creek Habitat Enhancement          Shasta County, CA                             2015-2016

Sheldon Hart Basin Assessments           CA, NV, OR                                          2017-2021

Truckee River Habitat Enhancement      Nevada County, CA                           2016-2021


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