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Products and Services

The StreamWise team includes expertise in fluvial geomorphology, riverine ecology, aquatic ecosystem biology, and threatened and endangered species management. StreamWise is equipped to provide monitoring, assessment, restoration design, and project implementation.

To facilitate construction work in wetland environments, StreamWise maintains close working relationships with a talented group of wetland construction teams. These firms offer specialized equipment and expertise to accomplish restoration objectives with minimal disturbance to surrounding resources.

  • Stream Channel Assessment

    • Watershed Evaluation

    • Floodplain Identification

    • Fish Passage Enhancements

    • Basin Hydrology

    • Initial Assessments of Channel Conditions

    • Conceptual Design Layout

    • GIS-Based Data Collection and Analysis

    • Construction Specifications

    • Complete Restoration Design Plans

  • Restoration Design

    • Data-Based Design Documentation & Narrative

    • Flow Measurements

    • Hydrologic Analysis

    • Sediment Transport Assessment

    • Laboratory Services (Sediment Analysis)

  • Project Construction

    • Heavy Equipment Management

    • Native Revegetation

    • Irrigation Design

  • Stream Monitoring

    • Field Surveys

    • Water Quality Analysis

    • Riparian Vegetation Condition

    • Gauging Stations

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